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Think about what shape your kitchen should have, what elements you need and how best to arrange them. You can use the IKEA kitchen planner to design your optimal kitchen. Do you already own an IKEA kitchen? Then all you have to do is to remove the old fronts and to replace them with your new design fronts.

You can visit us our showroom and arrange a planning appointment!

When your plans are finished, you can order your furniture at an IKEA store or in the IKEA online shop. Please remember to buy all hinges, drawers and so on at IKEA, from us you ONLY get fronts, countertops, covers and baseboards.


Take a look around on our website and choose your favorite design. Then decide on which color/style you wish to buy. You can order and purchase all fronts, tabletops, side panels and baseboards in our Onlineshop.

Alternately you can send us your order with the drawing, which you have received at the IKEA planning center, and we will send you an offer. (cost summary for neuvermöbelt parts).


Orders are shipped within 2 - 6 weeks after your order has been received. All fronts are prepped to be mounted immediately. You just install the hinge-parts and then proceed to klick the fronts onto your IKEA cabinets.

Work surfaces and side panels will be delivered as specified by your plans and will only need  to be mounted in the correct places.


If you are not sure which IKEA kitchen you have at home, just look at the holes in your cupboards.

  • FACTUM cabinets only have a series of holes along the edge
  • METOD cabinets have two rows.

Please note that you cannot buy FAKTUM anymore! Neuvermoebelt® also offers a new look for your factual kitchen.

If you want to equip your old kitchen with new fronts, contact us. We will produce the appropriate fronts for you to measure.

Our fronts are made of birch plywood or MDF boards. Depending on which requirements they have to meet. All carrier materials are supplied by FSC and PEFC certified suppliers.

Multiplex panels

The term "multiplex panels" stands for panels, which consist of at least 5 equally thick veneer layers, usually of beech or birch, in some cases spruce or maple. The advantage is, that they are very stiff and dimensionally stable. But as wood is a natural material, there may be a possibility of distortion. In order to avoid warping on tall fronts as far as possible, we use relaxation milling on the insides (in refrigerator fronts) or in special cases anti-distortion fittings. Alternately, (except for refrigerators), we offer fronts made of multiplex panels to a maximum hight of 80 cm, which will fit most refrigerator models.

Multiplex Platten

Als Multiplex-Platten werden Furnier-Sperrholz Platten bezeichnet, die aus mindestens 5 gleich dicken Furnierlagen, zumeist aus Buche oder Birke, manchmal auch Fichte oder Ahorn, bestehen. Das hat den Vorteil, dass sie sehr steif und formstabil sind. Da Holz ein natürliches Material ist, schützt das aber leider nicht immer vor der Möglichkeit des Verzuges. Um den Verzug bei hohen Fronten weitestgehend auszuschließen, nutzen wir hier rückseitig Entspannungsfräsungen (bei Kühlschrankfronten) oder in Sonderfällen Anti-Verzug-Beschläge. Fronten aus Multiplex-Platten bieten wir standardmäßig (außer für Kühlschränke) nur bis zu einer Höhe von 80cm an, was in den meisten Fällen völlig ausreicht.


With furniture linoleum, one can create high-quality surfaces that are hygienic, antistatic and durable. The material  contributes to a healthier indoor climate, because it is made from renewable resources such as linseed oil, resins, wood and limestone and tinted with natural pigments, it is a particularly beautiful, high-quality and ecological alternative to conventional kitchen materials. In addition to the warm colors, linoleum also enchants by its unmistakable feel.

Wood Veneers

We highly value a healthy and ecological living environment. Therefore we order our raw materials, such as precious wood, from sustainable, certified and responsible forest management. Wood is a natural product and therefore varies in grain and other natural markings. We work with European veneers, the surface finish is done by hand at the end of the production process.

Fenix ​​NTM

This material FENIX comes with unique properties resulting from the latest developments in nanotechnology. It impresses with a matt surface that comes fingerprint protection and a low reflection quality. Thermal repair of scratches is easily possible using a damp cloth and an electric iron. 

Powder coated Fronts

Having long been fans of powder coatings in furniture design, we are working on a collection based on this process with its beautiful lacquered surfaces. Powder coating is a process for surface refinement of MDF boards. The powder coatings are produced solvent-free, which is why there are no adverse effects on the environment or users by solvents.

Copper and Brass

Brass and copper have always had a place in kitchens. These precious metals, with their sometimes dull, sometimes glossy, and warm color, make a wonderful contrast to linoleum, wood or fenix.

Currently we can offer countertops with linoleum surfaces and multiplex edge in 40mm thickness, as well as approximately 10mm thick compact panels with a surface of Fenix.

We will continuously expand our range of countertops. You will always find the current selection in the worktop configurator. Please send a dimensioned drawing of your desired worktop!

MIX AND MATCH at your hearts' desire.

Our ranges of colors have been carefully chosen. You can easily integrate different materials such as wood or metal veneers, paint or linoleum, or FENIX in your kitchen design.

All colors are coordinated so they can easily be combined in your kitchen or your entire living area.