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Neuvermoebelt® does not officially cooperate with IKEA. We simply are big fans of the IKEA products and their quality and would like to make a statement with our individual kitchen fronts.


Quality, design and functionality are key values ​​at Neuvermoebelt®. We build our products on IKEA cabinets to offer you timeless designs in the best possible quality and at the best possible prices. In addition, Ikea offers a 25-year warranty on its kitchen cabinets.

Quality is our top priority. We make great efforts in finding the best materials available in order to satisfy functionality as well as high standards of design, durability and eco - friendliness.

Three Easy Steps to your Neuvermoebelt® Dream Kitchen!

If you already have an IKEA kitchen in your home and you are satisfied with the layout, all you have to do is to select the Neuvermoebelt® designer fronts and tops. You can use our planning services or simply order online.

If you need the complete kitchen from scratch, you can start by planning and ordering your kitchen in the IKEA platform. Of course you just buy the cabinet core elements. Then you complete your kitchen by adding the fronts and top elements from our design platform. Again, you can use our planning services or simply order online.

If you want to leave all the planning to us, we can offer full consulting, planning and design services by our kitchen architects. Please make an appointment or come to our showroom.

Within 2-6 weeks after we have received your order (within the EU) your Neuvermoebelt® articles will arrive at your doorstep. If you have any questions about your new kitchen, please feel free to contact us at:


Yes we can. In addition to kitchens we also produce fronts for PAX wardrobes and Besta systems. Order proceedings and installation follow the same principle as with kitchens.

In 2013 IKEA replaced its only kitchen model FACTUM with METOD. No matter which kitchen you own, our fronts and doors fit both models. Check hier which kitchen you have.



Our fronts fit on all IKEA cabinets of the METOD range. FACTUM kitchens are produced on request.

All our fronts and doors fit on IKEA hinges and rails. Neuvermoebelt® delivers only the fronts and sides etc.

We produce our kitchen fronts and worktops on individual order for you - each order is customized to your needs and wishes. Due to this customized ordering process, our products cannot be exchanged. Of course it is important to us that you feel safe in ordering from us, therefore you can buy advance samples of your favorite design choices in our online shop. Of course, if you like the patterns and you decide to buy a Neuvermoebelt® kitchen, we will deduct this amount from your total bill.

Check your delivery immediately upon receipt for possible damage! Should any of the delivered products be damaged during shipping we will arrange a new, flawless delivery of goods as soon as possible.

All our products are guaranteed for 3 years.

We do not recommend installing fronts on dishwashers. In general, the hot steam of the dishwasher can bring the material to disintegrate.

If you still want a front for your dishwasher, we will gladly produce and deliver it, but we do not give any warranty for this item.

Within the EU the delivery time is between 2 to 6 weeks.

But please also note, that the average delivery time for some of our designs is 4 to 8 weeks.

We do NOT assemble kitchens! BUT: Mounting your Neuvermoebelt fronts is just as easy as mounting IKEA fronts. If necessary, we will help you to find a suitable carpenter.

Yes you can. Please note that in this case we have to charge a surcharge of 10% to the next size up. You cannot order custom sizes in our Onlineshop. Please send us an order via e-mail or use our contact form.

Yes you can. Use our configurator. You can also upload sketches here. For complicated special orders just contact us!

Unfortunately, we can not take measurements - only in this way can we offer the best possible quality at the best price. We therefore work without local supervisors. However, if you want professional help with the dimensioning of your kitchen, we will help you to find a suitable specialist in your area.

We can cut your worktop exactly as you need it. All we need is the EXACT dimensions and a sketch.

We have the same formats as Ikea for Besta, Metod, Pax and Faktum cabinets.

In addition, we have changed some formats to give your furniture a different design. These formats can be found in the online shop under the respective designs.

At the moment these are mainly Pax and Besta fronts.

For the Pax cabinets, we decided to make our fronts 4 cm longer than Ikea fronts. This should cover the pax socket, which would otherwise be visible. Our fronts end 2 cm above the ground compared to Ikea which ends 6 cm above the ground.

No, we do not produce them.

No, you can't. That would not be statically safe.

All our fronts are between 18-20mm thick.

For the installation of hinges, rails, etc., there are precise installation instructions for the Metod cabinets and Maximera drawers.

Yes that's true. In this case we recommend you buy dark corpus from IKEA. At the moment only available at IKEA Germany unfortunately.

In our online shop you will find exact care instructions for each product. If you want to buy the appropriate care product for your new cabinet fronts, you can order them in our online shop.

Yes, this is absolutely necessary to prevent the cabinets from tilting. Please consult the IKEA assembly instructions!