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With ONE_SILK you are building a dream kitchen with handpicked materials like Fenix NTM.

Thismaterial comes with unique properties resulting from the latest developments in nanotechnology. It impresses with a matt surface, that comes with fingerprint protection and a low light reflection quality.

Thermal repair of scratches is easily possible with a damp cloth and an iron. Advanced technology and pure innovation are combined in this novel material. In spite of it’s futuristic look it has a soft organic feel upon touch, comparable to linoleum.

The Metod body from Ikea offer many configuration options for sideboards. These are put together from Metod wall units. You can choose between widths of 40/60/80cm and a height of 40/60 / 80cm, each with a depth of 37cm.

Sideboards must always be mounted with the Metod hanging rail, the feet are not sufficient.You can choose from five handle colors and 13 linoleum colors, as well as copper and brass. The copper and brass fronts are untreated and are given a beautiful patina.

You choose the handle on this page, the color under "Details".