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Kitchens are no longer purely functional. Cooking in a classy atmosphere, brewing coffee and sitting together is quickly realized. We show ideas that give your IKEA kitchen that certain something of luxury.

We are now offering full-extension pull-outs in multiplex, smoked oak and natural oak. The pull-outs can be easily installed in the IKEA METOD system.

We use the BLUM TANDEM pull-outs for the wooden drawers.

For a handle-free design, you can use the TIP-ON system for doors from Ikea and supplement the drawers with the BLUEMOTION TIP ‑ ON system from BLUM. These are metal drawers.

This allows the pull-outs to be opened by light hand pressure, regardless of where you press on the front.

If you should choose one of the two systems, you do not need rails and drawers from Ikea.