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Forbo Furniture Linoleum not only looks elegant and valuable, it also has a very pleasant feel. In direct skin contact, it is pleasant and warm, because it adapts to the respective ambient temperature. Another important advantage over many other coating materials: fingerprints remain largely invisible.

Naturally hygienic & antistatic

Due to its recipe, linoleum has antistatic properties and therefore does not have to be chemically upgraded like other products. The permanent antistatic is of course a clear plus point compared to other coating materials in terms of dust formation and makes this material much easier to clean and more hygienic than other surfaces.


Forbo Furniture Linoleum Cleaning and Maintenance:


Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum not only comes with a distinguished look, it also features a warm and earthy quality, when touched. The material adjusts to room temperature, it has a natural matte appearance, and does not show fingerprints..  

Forbo furniture linoleum collections are easy to clean and to maintain. 

Following these guidelines you will make sure that your kitchen surfaces are well kept and last a long time. When you receive our product, clean with a damp cloth to ensure that loose dust etc. is removed and check the surface.

For extra protection during transportation and before first use we recommend the application of M2 Care Desktop Maintainer with a clean cloth.


1) Regular cleaning:

Clean with a damp cloth and a pH neutral cleaner and wipe dry to remove any residues. M2 Care Desktop Maintainer can be used as a regular cleaner.

2) Periodic Maintenance:

Over time any surface material will be subjected to minor marks and blemishes. In order to maintain the optimum natural appearance of Furniture Linoleum, M2 Care Desktop Maintainer should be applied periodically. If Furniture Linoleum has been subjected to heavy wear and tear, M2 Care Desktop Maintainer can be used to help restore the surface appearance and treat minor scratches. * *M2 Care Desktop Maintainer may also reduce the visual impact of heavy scratches and scores in the material that cannot be removed with normal cleaning.

3) Stain removal:

To prevent stubborn stains always use coasters under flower pots, vases, cups, glasses, etc. It is important to remove spots, stains and spillages as quickly as possible to prevent them from penetrating into the material. The surface can be cleaned with a neutral detergent and water. If the above treatment does not help, try soaking the surface with water and a pH neutral cleaner for a few minutes. Agitate the surface gently with a soft white pad or similar. Do not use anything more abrasive than a white pad to clean Furniture Linoleum. Finish by wiping off any  water with a cloth and rinse the surface with clean water and a clean cloth. To finish the surface after a thorough cleaning see “Periodic Maintenance” above. Some pigmented stains may be removed or made less visible by using turpentine or similar oil based solvent. Always test in a small area first. Do not use alkaline or alcohol based cleaning products since it will damage the surface.

4) Recommended care products

For regular cleaning and stain removal use a pH neutral detergent such as M2 Care Ultra, a pH neutral antibacterial cleaning solution. For periodic maintenance Forbo recommend M2 Care Desktop Maintainer.