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about us



Manuela Freigang

Working as a production and stage designer for film and theater I have frequently used IKEA furniture. Billy, Besta & Co are the evergreens of the Swedish furniture company. Cheap, good quality, but not very individual. That's why I have started to redesign them.

A paradigm shift in dealing with the environment and our resources is happening in society and is integrated as part of our lifestyle. In search of an individual space in our global world, we are looking for alternative ideas. For things that have history and lasting value. Hopefully the phenomenon of a "throw-away society" will soon be a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, there are countless web-platforms full of ideas and instructions on how to re-design. There is a growing interest in vintage designs, and there is a whole genre of re-designing Ikea products - to "hack" them - to create new objects with a personal twist, an identity.  I have been observing the growing "Ikea hacker community" and toyed with the idea of ​​implementing my ideas professionally for quite some time. Finally In 2018 we gave it a go.


Christian Bachmann

Crafting - especially working with wood - is one of my favorite occupations. A fondness of  beautiful materials, combining and shaping them, has always been a core interest of mine and it ultimately inspired the project Neuvermoebelt®.

As an architect, apart from the design, material properties - feel, color and quality - are very important to me.

For me good design is represented not only in a subjectively appealing form, but equally in the functionality, the usefulness and the sustainability.


"What works good is better than what looks good, because what works good lasts."  Ray Eames